Marine Aquarium Systems Accessories
New MariSys 240 Pro Series 2



Following the success of the original MariSys, Aqua One have developed

the MariSys 240 Pro Series 2. Exciting new features on this model now

include a slimmer profile grey self priming weir box without the need of a

peristaltic pump. The skimmer has also been upgraded to a more

efficient and powerful pump driven protein skimmer. The MariSys Pro

Series 2 is a universal full marine filtration system, allowing fish keepers

progress into the magical world of marine fish keeping, with the weir

box hanging over the back of the aquarium and sump and skimmer

situated in the aquarium cabinet.

New slimmer, self priming universal fit weir box in smoked grey finish
New pump powered protein skimmer
All filter media including Poly & coarse pads, bio balls, ceramic

rings & sintered glass in individual chambers
Universal fit surface skimmer hang-on weir box
All pipe work
All connections
3 years guarantee (2 + 1 years upon registration)





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