Sump Filters

The Aqua One Trickle Tower System

The Aqua One Trickle Tower System is a modular wet and dry trickle filter for aquariums of 200 ltr and bigger. The injection moulded body removes many of the pitfalls associated with the oldfashioned home made glass sumps.

By design the multiple stage filtration delivers far better aerobic filtration than conventional systems. With multiple towers possible and purpose designed expansion chambers to house pumps, skimmers and additional media like live rock for instance your ideal filtration set up is available for the first time in a professional package.


Gives you the ability to customize your filter set up or
add to your filtration system at any time

  • Ideal for reef aquariums

  • Features convenient perforated trays which makes the
    removal of each level of media quick and easy without restricting water flow through the filter

  • All plastic design which makes them light weight and
    durable. No more cracked sumps

  • Supplied complete with all connections

A (Side Box) Side Holes only
B (Middle Box) Double side Holes
C (Top Box) Bottom Hose only
2A+C (CF30)
2A+B+2C (CF50) (See picture)

Dimensions: 55cm wide x 38 cm high x 43 cm deep

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