Splish and Splash

Let Children Take a 'Splish & Splash' into the World of Fishkeeping 

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Splish and Splash


Model: Splish & Splash Medium

Volume In Litres: 21

Dimensions: 35W x 22D x 27H cm

Aquarium Colour: Black

Filtration: Hang On Filter

Splish & Splash aquariums will engage your children during the set up with a variety of decorative items as well as ongoing where they get to feed the fish and record each time they clean the aquarium. They can then be responsible to ensure that the aquarium gets looked after again at the right time. The aquarium is suitable for coldwater fish. 

Aqua One also supply a small light unit that can be added to the aquarium. Ask your local Authorised Stockist for the extendable LED Mini Touch light.

Key Features:

Our Splish & Splash aquariums are fun starter fish tanks aimed at young aspiring fish keepers. Apart from the efficient hang-on filter they also come with a variety of accessories to decorate the tank and look after the fish. 

Accessories included:

  • An easy to install hang on filter which keeps all the technical parts outside the aquarium
  • A bottle of Water conditioner to provide the best conditions for the fish
  • A bag of coloured gravel, a plastic plant and a poster background to decorate the aquarium
  • Yummy Aqua One fish food for happy and healthy fish
  • A maintenance calendar to log all those important water changes and filter cleans.
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