OakStyle HomeStyle Collection

A unique Nash Oak colour and design, available in 110, 145 and 230 models

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OakStyle 110 HomeStyle
NOW £379.99 inc. cab

OakStyle 110 HomeStyle

OakStyle 145 HomeStyle
NOW £499.99 inc. cab

OakStyle 145 HomeStyle

OakStyle HomeStyle 230
now £649.99 incl. cab

OakStyle HomeStyle 230


The Aqua One OakStyle HomeStyle has a unique cabinet design in a modern Nash Oak finish.

The StripGlo LED lighting is not just efficient to run, it also provides extraordinary lighting throughout your fish tank and provides great PAR readings for healthy plant growth. The OakStyle also comes equipped with a reliable Moray 700 internal filter to keep the water clean and a heater for a tropical set up.

Key Features:

  • Euro style bracing system with easy access glass lids.
  • Large storage drawer
  • Stylish slimline handles
  • Complete with heater, filter (internal/external model dependent).
  • Powerful StripGlo LED lighting, featuring white, blue and RGB* LED *RGB = Red, Green, Blue


Model: OakStyle 110 HomeStyle

Volume In Litres: 123

Dimensions: 63W x 38D x 55H cm

Glass Thickness: 6mm

Aquarium Colour: Nash Oak

Cabinet Model: OakStyle HomeStyle 110

Cabinet Colour: Nash Oak

Cabinet Dimensions: 70W x 41D x 78H cm

Heater: 150W

Lighting: StripGlo Tropical 60cm 22W

Filtration: Moray 700

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