NanoReef 35

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NanoReef 35
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NanoReef 35


The NanoReef 35 is, as the name suggests, a compact miniature reef tank. It might be small but it doesn't compromise when it comes to quality. 

The complete set includes everything you need to set up your reef aquarium. 

Made from low iron, opti white glass, it features a high powered MariGlo LED light unit providing white and blue lighting, a spacious back filter that is discreetly built into the back part of the aquarium and a high performance hang on skimmer, the NanoSkim 40, making this the perfect Nano set up to house your own marine world. 

Matching cabinet available Inspire 40

Key Features:

  • Perfect desktop miniature reef aquarium
  • Complete set includes everything you need to start your nano marine fish tank
  • Includes customisable back filter, NanoSkim 40 pump and air driven protein skimmer, LED light and heater
  • Made from Opti White aquarium glass for ultra clear glass
  • MariGlo LED with white and blue LEDs, and blue night light feature


Model: NanoReef 35

Volume In Litres: 35

Dimensions: 33W x 33D x 33H cm

Glass Thickness: 6mm

Cabinet Model: We recommend Inspire 40

Cabinet Colour: Walnut/Gloss Black, or Napa Oak, or White

Cabinet Dimensions: 40W x 40D x 75Hcm

Heater: 55W

Lighting: LED

Filtration: Back Filter, with NanoSkim 40

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