Betta Trio

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Betta Trio
£114.99 excl. cabinet

Betta Trio

Betta Trio


Model: Betta Trio

Volume In Litres: 32

Dimensions: 55W x 25D x 25H cm

Glass Thickness: 4mm

Cabinet Model: We recommend Inspire 60

Cabinet Colour: Walnut/Gloss Black, or Napa Oak, or White

Cabinet Dimensions: 60W x 40D x 75H cm

Lighting: LED

Filtration: Multi Stage Back Filter

We recommend the Inspire 60 Cabinet for this aquarium, as pictured in the product photograph.

Key Features:

  • Glass cover.
  • High output adjustable LED light unit illuminates each compartment perfectly.
  • Black-out separation walls allow three Betta fish to be kept next to each other.
  • Highly efficient built-in and perfectly hidden back filter facilitating mechanical, biological and chemical filtration.
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