AquaNano Marine 36

All miniature or Nano aquariums depend heavily on the effectiveness of the lighting and the filtration, and this is where the AquaNano from Aqua One really excels.


This extremely stylish aquarium is packed full of little features but all are there for the purpose of producing a life support system that your fish and soft corals can thrive in. The built in filtration system incorporates a trickle filter and an effective pump driven protein skimmer.

The most technologically advanced

marine nano system on the market

AquaNano 36 - 36L


Tank - 36 x 36 x 41cm

Cabinet - 40 x 40 x 80cm





Protein Skimmer water

level adjuster.








Handle makes it easy to

remove Skimmer.

36 Litre Glass Aquarium


Integrated filtration system at rear


Includes pump driven protein skimmer


High powered LED lighting


Complete with glass covers

The high powered LED is not only visually appealing to the end user, it also delivers more than enough PAR to ensure good coral growth.

Dual outlets.

The whole filtration system can be removed from the aquarium as one unit without disturbing the inhabitants.




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