The AquaNano Aquarium Range

  Amazing looks, and easy to maintain. Let your fish take centre stage.

The AquaNano aquarium offers a complete aquarium system, packed full of fantastic features. The modern and seamless design is perfectly coupled with quality, practicality and versatility.

  • Zero clutter, all equipment (built-in filter & heater) hidden in the back
  • Minimalist aquarium design
  • Silicone free rounded glass corners
  • Complete with powerful LED lighting and heater
  • Inspire cabinets complete the look




AquaNano 30, 22 Litres


Aquarium: 30d x 30w x 30h cm

SSP £99.99


Cabinet: 32d x 32w x 70h cm

SSP £69.99



AquaNano 40, 55 Litres


Aquarium: 40d x 40w x 40h cm

SSP £139.99


Cabinet: 40d x 40w x 75h cm

SSP £74.99


AquaNano 60, 100 Litres


Aquarium: 40d x 60w x 47h cm

SSP £209.99


Cabinet: 40d x 60w x 75h cm

SSP £94.99



NEW AquaNano 80, 130 Litres


Aquarium: 40d x 80w x 47h cm

SSP £269.99


Cabinet: 40d x 80w x 75h cm

SSP £109.99










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