There's more to a healthy aquarium than fish and water

Just about anything that you might need for the set up and maintenance of a great aquarium can be found within the Aqua One product range.


You will find a huge selection of heaters, airpumps, airstones and airpipes, thermometers, hydrometers, filter media, fish nets, gravel washers and many more.



Every tropical or marine fish tank requires heating to maintain the optimum temperature for your fish. Aqua One offers glass heaters from 25 watts to 300 watts.


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Oxygen is a vital ingredient to a healthy aquarium, a lack of oxygen will quickly harm the health of your fish. Aqua One offers two types of airpump which are both very quiet and will not disturb your fish.


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Ask your local authorised stockist for more details and you will be surprised just how many different products there are in the Aqua One product range!  



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