Bring Vital Oxygen to Your Aquarium

All life forms require a certain amount of oxygen and aquatic species are no different.


Most aquariums will benefit from a greater oxygen content in the water.


Filtration system performance and overall water quality will be greatly improved by adding that little bit more air that most species will find naturally in their native environment.







Air O2 Pod Air Pumps


Aqua One's new Air O2 Pods are not only about being a quiet air pump but also something which looks amazing. No longer does your air pump need to be hidden away in a cupboard.


The unique gloss white design of this air pump is designed to insulate and contain any noise from the working part inside. Two model sizes are avaialbel in the range, producing 100-240 litre air output per hour.


Infinity Air Pumps


A safe and reliable, quiet, high power air pump.


Available in outputs of 10 - 700 litres of air per hour, they cover most requirements of today’s average sized aquariums.


• Single or double outlets
• Durable and reliable
• Safe and quiet operation
• Strong air output
• 2 + 1 Year Guarantee



Stellar Air Pump Pro

The Stellar Air Pumps from Aqua One represent leading edge technology to

bring you what is arguably the quietest air pumps on the market today.

Combine the near silent operation with proven reliability and you have

technology which reaches the standard demanded of the Aqua One Pro range.



• High quality air pump
Extremely quiet and efficient
Single and twin diaphragms allow them to be
used for different applications
Air filter and diaphragms are easily replacable
High quality silicone rubber diaphragms
Includes non return valve
Easy to install and maintain
2 + 1 year guarantee




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