Truview Aquarium

Truview Aquarium - Like the AquaStyle Range - Just BIGGER
(Only available in the UK!)


Trueview 1230XL  

The Truview Range of Aquariums

For those of you who are familiar with the AquaStyle range of aquaria (AR range) the Truview incorporate the same stylish design with rounded front corners, the same effective trickle top filtration system, the same built quality, but so much more space for your fish!

The trickle top filter is a wet and dry filtration system that allows the fish keeper to maintain his tank almost without getting his hands wet. Therefore, maintenance is as simple as can be. This type of filter also removes the need for unsightly internal filters which take up space in the aquarium. At the same time, by design the filtration capabilities of the Aqua One system deliver a far greater biological performance due to its position i.e. exposed to the air (rather than submersed) which automatically adds higher levels of oxygen to the water for the essential aerobic bacteria to develop.

The Truview comes in two different sizes, the two door version is 1.2m wide and the three door version is 1.5 m wide and 51cm depth allow for a truly amazing aquatic scene.

The tanks are available in silver and the cabinets come in either beech or silver.

Fact File:

  • High quality floated glass
  • Rounded front corners
  • Stylish design
  • Matching cabinets
  • Trickle top filtration
  • Reflector lighting triple T8 unit built into the hood

Recommended accessories:

  • Aqua One heater for tropical set up
  • Aqua One backgrounds
  • Trueview cabinets which are sold separately

Truview 12530XL

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