AquaReef 195, 300, 400, 500 and 275 Cube

The AquaReef from Aqua One are a new bench mark in purpose designed aquariums for all salt water fish keepers. Constructed totally from non corrosive materials including alloy space frame cabinet with plastic panels these truly are designed to resist everything salt can throw at it.


Each model is supplied fully assembled with built in overflow weir, plumbing and pipe work as well as a purpose designed sump. The sump houses all the essential equipment needed to run a marine system. This includes a circulation pump, filtration media, heater and efficient protein skimmer, there is plenty of room to get as technical as you like.


The all new patented lighting system provides the essential lighting requirements for most reef keepers.

Total dimensions:


AquaReef 300 - 300L

52 x 102 x 161cm


AquaReef 400 - 400L

52 x 132 x 161cm


AquaReef 275 - 275L

70 x 70 x 156cm



The amazing AquaReef 195 and 500 aquariums




These two new models extend the appeal of these stunning Marine ready aquariums even further. The smaller 195 will suit the smaller room, the 1.8m (6ft) 500 litre 500 model, well that will suit the most avid of reef keepers. Just like the rest of the range, alloy, plastics and glass all of which are corrosion resistant are exclusively the materials of choice. Of course high output T5’s (252 watts worth on the 500), pumps, skimmers, heaters and media come as standard.



Total dimensions:


AquaReef 195 - 195L

52 x 68 x 156cm


AquaReef 500 - 500L

52 x 185 x 144cm




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