New EcoStyle Aquariums

Ecostyle from Aqua One is our new stylish affordable aquarium range for todays modern home.


With proven features and design inspiration taken from the ever popular Aquastyle range.


The range covers sizes from 14L up to 127L, all models in the range feature the trickle filtration system, complete with carbon cartridges to ensure superb crystal clear water. This is all housed under the modern curves of the aquarium hood.


EcoStyle 32 and 61 aquariums are now available in white.



Also housed under the aquarium hood is the latest in aquarium LED lighting, with superb lighting output to show the colours of your fish, along with great plant growth, whilst being extremely energy efficient.

Total dimensions:


EcoStyle 32 - 14L

21 x 32 x 34cm


EcoStyle 42 - 28L

26 x 42 x 118cm


EcoStyle 47 - 38L                New EcoStyle 32 Learner tanks

29 x 47 x 105cm                         Click on the link below for more

Total dimensions:


EcoStyle 61 - 70L

36 x 61 x 99cm


EcoStyle 81 - 127L

41 x 81 x 118cm


EcoStyle learner tanks




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